All with blocks with 13cm height, except NAVAJO with 15cm.

Hats – Design? Works of Art?

To make things is a part of human nature. Whether it’s a simple hat or more complex project, something that has been made speaks more than words and gives a satisfaction to the customer that cannot be gained elsewhere. Whatever it is, there is immense pleasure in being part of something that has gone on ever since things needed making. And then, there is the finished object – for us, seeing a hat made on for you, seeing it on head along with all their finery, it is a fundamental experience that changes your outlook on life, a discovery of what is true, original and genuine.
From the Furfelts hat bodies through to an exquisite hand made hat, the process has many different parts and processes. Hat crowns and brim shape can be varied allowing for the shape and design of the finished hat, from which a wide variety of hats can be made.

However, the starting point must always be right; premium felts, high quality materials , a thorough knowledge of design, proportion and style. All of these are endless subjects of course, but here at FIELSVEN Millinery we are dedicated to increasing our knowledge and skill on a daily basis. Our aim is to create you the best hats that you can buy, and we are confident that your hats will be so much the better for having been made on FIELSVEN Millinery.