A Brief Story of FIELSVEN Millinery

A Brief Story of FIELSVEN Millinery

We started has Chess & Hats store in 5 of May of 2018, having chess sets and hats of other brands.

With the desire to make handcrafted hats with the highest quality felts, wich we have in Portugal, and with modern design, we were really excited to start on December’s 18 of 2019. 

In the future, we have intentions to create other products with our design and quality.


For now, we give all energy in the creation of one of a kind hats, with premium felts, ascending the quality and price in this order: Rabbit, Hare Velour and Beaver.

Why this felts?

First, they are sustainable in all process, 100% natural, with any synthetics, then they are water proof and never loose original hat shape. With this felts, you have your hat forever, looking good.

We have our own collections and we make custom hats too. 

For this, our topic Bespoke in our web or our instagram, will help you, giving more possibilities to choose what you really want.

Hat shape:

  • Crown shape
  • Brim size and shape 
  • Type of felt, color and weight

Techniques and Design:

  • Distressing felt with fire
  • Pyrography Artwork
  • Hand Dyeing


  • Defining the hat shape and techniques is the part of process to style the hat to your head, face/ body aspects and personality. 
  • Our aesthetics goes around classic, vintage, mystic or rocker and we have some elemental ideas that you can watch on instagram with our past creations and like this you can match your own styling. 

Hat Maintenance:

  • With our Brand, we have this accessories for the maintenance of your hat:
  • Brush with fine woods and cedars to clean perfectly your hat
  • Wood Stands and Boxes
  • We make our best to give you the best quality to fulfill your needs.

Feel free to contact us through email or instagram to any question.